Coconut Oil For Dogs

What can coconut oil do for dogs?
Coconut oil and fats are good and natural ticks and fleas repellent for pets like dogs due to lauric acid.

What can coconut oil do for dogs?

The coconut oil has proved to be worth for the humans, but does it prove to be the same for the animals also? One, who has been using the coconut oil for long and has benefited from it, might also try it on his pet dog. Research shows that the coconut oil has many health benefits for dogs also. It helps you dog come out of the various health problems. The oil is considered to be good in taste and has much healing effects on the animals. But the oil has a disadvantage too, if consumed very often, shall make the stool of the dog greasy and loose. The dogs can be given oil either through the dog food or they can be directly given to consume. They can also be fed through the Coco therapy’s coconut chips.

Consumption and massage of coconut oil also makes the fur of the dogs look more shiny and healthy. The oil helps in moisturizing the skin and cracked paws of the dog making them look healthier. The oil helps in deodorizing the dogs thus removing the dog smell and serving as an alternative to shampoo. The oil also improves the immunity system of the dog and protects him from cancer and other infectious diseases. The fatty acids that are soon metabolized by the dog and help them reduce weight, and burn off the extra fats. The owner of the dogs also uses the coconut oil to cure the ear infection, settle stomach disorder and the yeast infections. The oil can be applied to the sores to cure it fast. It also helps cure the thyroid disease and painful arthritis amongst the dogs. The oil is also used as toothpaste for the dog as they love the taste of the oil besides killing the bacteria and make the dog breathe better. The oil improves the digestion and nutrition of the dogs thus making their absorption much better. It helps strengthen the joint and bone health, while it also alleviates the skin allergy that the dogs might have very often.

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