Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

What is cold pressed coconut oil?

What is cold pressed coconut oil?

Cold pressing is one of the steps that are used in the process of preparation of coconut oil. The term cold pressing could be explained as something like the coconut oil prepared like this has undergone negligible processing in the entire process of manufacturing and for this reason it is considered to be very high on quality and genuineness. The worth of such oil is very high in the market and hence, so is its value.

  • Cold pressing also known as expeller processing to make Coconut Oil helps the oil retain its natural properties.
  • That means that the Coconut Oil will be more naturally enriched with the already present antioxidants. These antioxidants ensure a longer life of the Coconut Oil.
  • The tolerance of the properly cold pressed Coconut Oil is so high that it can continue to live for over 3 years without getting rancid retaining its freshness.
  • It is less or rather not at all prone to extremely free radical production.
  • The Coconut Oil pressed with the use of expeller is generated by using fresh coconuts. The flesh or copra of dried coconuts which are high on quality could also be used for this. The entire process is affected by making use of mechanical compression in a space where low temperature is maintained.
  • There is just no use of any preservatives or chemicals or any other additives in the entire process of making cold pressed Coconut Oil. This becomes the unique selling proposition of this oil and makes it a very desirable product in the market.
  • The cold pressed Coconut Oil is much superior to many other kinds of coconut oils the preparation of which undergoes heavy processing. But it is different from the cold processed Coconut Oil. The latter makes use of fresh coconuts and completely no use of heat in its preparation thereby becoming a more superior oil vis-à-vis the cold pressed Coconut Oil.

These were some of the properties of cold pressed Coconut Oil. The advantage of this is that it helps the oil preserve its natural nutritive properties without any synthetics. It is almost a naturally procures gift of nature without manipulating with the blissful endowments given to it by nature, much.

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