Cooking With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil for cooking

How is coconut oil helpful in cooking?

How is coconut oil helpful in cooking?

Intake of coconut oil has always been the heated topic of discussion amongst the nutrition community. Coconut oil is the oil that has 90% of saturated fats, that gives structural integrity to the cells in our body. The coconut oil is also worth for the proper utilization of the fatty acids like omega 3.  Coconut oil is considered to be very healthy as it does not oxidize, be at room temperature. The coconut oil is rich in flavor and is very strong so people tend to purchase it in small rather than large quantity. Cooking in coconut oil is very healthy and it is because of this, that people have now substituted butter or plain cooking oil to coconut oil. People prefer spreading coconut oil on the toast, instead of using butter. Coconut oil is also being used for stir frying, baking, roasting vegetables and salad dressing. Drizzle the oil, with red wine and sea salt over the green salad vegetables to get the aroma that is so tempting and relishing.

Coconut oil is often used in dishes of Thailand and India, due to its tropical taste. Individuals, who do not wish to add additional sweeteners in baked products, can substitute the same with coconut oil. Also is one desires to burn the extra fat, can always consume coconut oil, as it has fat but with fewer calories that shall not add to your weight. Remember cooking in coconut oil burns your fat. Cooking your food in coconut oil helps you in improving the body’s blood glucose and secretion of insulin while enhancing the absorption capacity. The following are the benefits that you get when you cook the food in coconut oil:

  • Coconut oil is best for the individuals suffering from thyroid.
  • The organic coconut oil helps you burn the fats that you have over your body.
  • The oil melts smoothly on the multi grain toast, making it the best substitute to the high calorie butter.
  • It helps in reducing the atherosclerosis and other related diseases.
  • It reduces risk of cancer and helps preventing bacterial and other infections.

Owning to the benefits of the coconut oil, it has gained popularity and is recommended by the doctors, dietitians and the nutritionist also.

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